Error Squared

Project Two – Baby’s Hat II

[rib, stockinette, in-the-round]

It’s neat, but I wonder how I didn’t realise the size issue sooner

Following the semi-success of my first item, I decided to have another crack at the same pattern in order to ‘perfect’ it. See below…spot the obvious?

The Wrong Side, where you can see the stitch errors

The size problem improved a little but, sadly (as was pointed out to me at the start), I hadn’t properly used the stockinette stitch. The top sections of decreases are correct but the base to mid-point are in garter. It turns out that the method of knitting stockinette on straight needles is the complete opposite when knitting in the round. Oh frustration! Evidently wet behind the ears but at least that’s another stitch under my belt…it hardly seemed worth adding any embellishments.

˜lesson learnt ˜