Fight, Fight, Fight for this Job

I’ve been confirmed! After days, weeks and months of job hunting, and indulging in the dingey pits of depression and desperation, it seems that it’s not purely down to my own faults. The Government stated a drop in the number of unemployed, despite  figures reaching the highest point since the infamous Thatcher days, and it’s been a key topic on the week’s national radio and press.

I consider myself a smart, adaptable person and capable of carrying out a number of working roles, so I’ve applied for an inconceivable amount of jobs. Unfortunately, it appears that my qualifications are a liability. From chatting with friends and fellow job seekers, it appears that the different job sectors are finding various ways of coping with economic shortfalls and preventing people like myself from getting into work. General ‘ground level’ jobs are closed-off, as it’s suspected I will move on quickly and professional positions are seeking newbie trainees in a bid to get the brains and cut costs.

I am now directly competing with school and uni students preparing to spill out for the summer. I’ve applied for all manner of jobs including:

> PA – minimum wage and they want a diploma!

> Administration – over qualified to operate a copier

> Marketing – experience but no qualifications

> Event Management – tons of experience and no qualifications

> Retail inc. fashion, grocery, post office – over qualified and under experienced

> Bar work – didn’t reply so no idea

> Club photographer …that was a blip

I’ve landed no less than four volunteer jobs and have more offers to consider: Press Liaison Officer, Radio Plugger, Gig Reviewer, Festival Journalist. Clearly I have the capability and skills, but am fighting against so many other dispensables it’s hard to stand apart.