#Calloo, Callay, There’s Work Today For Cabbages and Kings!


When you’re having a rough time those who love you resort to rolling out classic expressions or ‘old chestnuts’, if you will. Being unemployed for the past 3 months and 24 days, I’ve been on the receiving end of numerous, well-intended idioms; age-old nuggets of wisdom such as, “it’s not meant to be” and “something’s waiting for you around the corner” kept me on the brink of exploding but, as it appears, may be true.

I applied for so many jobs which would compromise my long-term plans, but were necessary to get some cash flow. All of which fell flat. Then up popped a position that’s casual, flexi-time and within a 5 minute walk from my home (aka ideal) and I swept through the process and start tomorrow.