Norwegian Mitts

I am experiencing a backlog in knitting projects, so shall summarise a couple.

Project Four – Norwegian Mittens

[two yarn colours, stranding in, floats, picking up stitches, following pattern grid]

Outside - Large Totoro with brolly Inside - Small Totoro with leaf and dust sprites

My favourite and most successful project to date. I found these delightful mittens here on Ravelry. The best part is that Brella used a generic pattern grid, making it easy to edit and customise to your liking. Personally, I love the big Totoro, the small one on the thumb and smattering of wee little dust sprites.

Points to bear in mind

You can adjust your gauge quite significantly without affecting the pattern. I made mine really loose and they’re too small for me, so I’ll use larger needles and yarn next time.

This was my first time using two colours ie. fair isle style. Due to the large sections of single colour you have to carry the second yarn around the row as you knit along. This is stranding and the horizontal threads it leaves on the wrongside are floats. It’s simple once you get used to it, but the trick is balance – tight stranding will draw the sides in but loose leaves long floats which can catch on your fingers when you put the glove on.

I made the mistake of always stranding in the same stitches – each fourth. I thought it would be uniform and neat, but when I put them on I saw that whole vertical rows of white stitches are able to separate more than they should, so you see the blue underneath. No damage to the mitt but it does disrupt the design.

The pale blue yarn indicates the thumb join and you can see the separation of the vertical white stitches

I used a pale blue yarn to highlight the 9 stitches of the thumb join. It was the most awkward part for me. Make sure you knit these few stitches neatly, so they’re easier to pick up (I found it better to pick up from the rightside) and although the pattern says to leave a long float on the row above, I couldn’t negotiate this and left it. It turned out good anyway.

Finally, the cuff ribbing is swirled. This is because my cast on was kinda tight. But I like it so kept it for the second one.

With all of these troubles and trickeries, I still adore them and will definitely be making more.

Creamy lil critter - part knit, part crochet

Project Five – Trilobite

[crochet chain]

While searching for unusual and quick items, this character caught my eye. I wanted something to pass the time and it took me about an hour to whip him up.

He’s pretty small so I’ve since attached a crochet strap and transformed him into a cute pin cushion.