Hello there 🙂

I’ve discovered a really sweet hobby called Amigurumi: Japanese crochet mini dolls. Anything goes, as long as it’s small and cute (my favourite are the creepy, nightmarish ones). I first heard of this through a friend. She’s very talented and helpful so if you want to buy a personal gift, or need some advice on creating your own, drop Beth a line at Fluffernutter.

I had no experience of crochet at all so I bought this great book which helps get you started. It has instructions on crochet and several types of sewing stitches. But, more importantly, it also has 20 robot patterns. And robots are cool.

Crobots by Nelly Pailloux

They’re so quick to make and adding the detail is lots of fun! I whipped up two robots in a short time and found that once I’d got the technique down, I had lots of design ideas. I haven’t made any more of Nelly’s robots and have started creating my own.

Crochet basket of friends

My first crack at it was the dogbot, but I’ve been told it looks like a lamb.


How cute is he! The reason he’s more lamby than doggy is because I used a heavier weighted yarn than recommended so it’s a bit bobbly. He has long black beads for eyes, which sweep across the white visi-screen as he thinks and three little red buttons on his side for bleating, loping and drinking from a hand-held bottle.


The book’s version of this is a meek, disco robot with sequins and smiles. I changed this a bit and made him more of a rocker. When crocheting in continuous circles you can’t get a perfect join at the end of a row. So, when you change colour, there’s a mismatch and the colour jumps up a line. I added an iPod which covered this nicely. I sewed and re-sewed his face about 10 times. Nothing seemed to suit him, so I stuck with a simple ‘rock-out’ look.

Crochet car-horn duck, from Alice

Yey! My first, completely original design! This is a duck shaped like a car horn, like the ones in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. He has a teardrop shaped body, a flat circle face, trumpet beak and I pinched the lamb’s ears for his feet. I’m pleased with him and planning a few more characters from the same movie.



This is Frankenstein’s monster, Adam. As my name hints, I love the story and he’s one of my favourite characters in literature and film. He’s a bit too big for amigurumi, but he’s still cute. His body is completely mismatched in shape and size, to give him a pieced-together appearance (how useful).

Stylish attire

He’s got wee shoes. I wanted to add shoes instead of stumps, so I started crocheting a circle and then changed to back and forth across half of it. I put a few patches on his joints and over his heart.

Mona Lisa Smile

The head was difficult as I used two colours and stranded them in. As you can see he has screws in his neck and a scar on his forehead. I always find it hard to choose the style of eye to give my critters. I plumped for these as they had colour and the movable parts mean he can change his expression. Didn’t want him to always look so sad.

Well, that’s it for now. I can’t list the patterns for the robots as they’re in Nelly’s book, but here’s a link to it on Amazon. I made up the last two items as I was going along, so they don’t have patterns. If anybody actually wants them I’m sure I can write them up.