Monthly Archive: July, 2011

I’m A Vegetarian *apart from ______

While discussing vegetarianism with a colleague, he said “my girlfriend’s a vegetarian…but she eats chicken.” I’ve heard this many times, but still find it odd. According to PPTHealth website: Vegetarianism is the abstinence… Continue reading

Keep Tepid Tea Times at Bay with Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Owl Cosy

Being avidly into knitting and seriously short of cash, I decided to make a tea cosy for two lovely friends as a housewarming gift. If you are keen to make one yourself, there… Continue reading

Tattoo Junkie

I adore tattoos. Not being one for impulsive ink, I prefer to mull over styles, colours and compositions. I’m ready for my next drilling but it’s been a struggle to come up with… Continue reading

Riding the Tea Cups

I found a dainty 5-piece set of china cups and saucers at a sale. Got this cool blue, enamelled coffee pot a moment later. Yey! All I need now is a matching cake… Continue reading

UK Roller Derby! I think this may be my new obsession. I’m torn between the local Swansea City Slayers and the more appropriate Cardiff Roller Collective, but either way, I will have to get involved…… Continue reading