Monthly Archive: August, 2011

A Week in a Swansea Life

Good afternoon, blog readers! [to be read in the style of Pauline Campbell-Jones] I hope you are well and that the weather with you is better than the pitiless days of rain we’ve… Continue reading

New Tattoo Isn’t What You Wanted?

Following on from my previous post about tattoos, I have gone against everything I said. When researching an article on Monday morning I dropped in to a local tattoo parlour to hear a… Continue reading

What’s A Little Amigurumi Amongst Friends?

Inspired by the television programme, Miranda and her many references to ‘fruit friends’, I decided to make some woolly chums of my own and what could be better than a clutch of very… Continue reading

Only Vegetarians Need Apply

Gareth’s Blog: The Quorn Ultimatum. Offering an alternative view to my post on vegetarianism, here’s a link to my friend’s blog where he considers the plight of meat eaters who date veggies. There… Continue reading