What’s A Little Amigurumi Amongst Friends?

Inspired by the television programme, Miranda and her many references to ‘fruit friends’, I decided to make some woolly chums of my own and what could be better than a clutch of very good eggs for likenesses?


I’ve made three different face shapes (pear, oval and heart) and used two colours; pretty pink and ivory for the paler complexion. MrB’s ears are simply a crocheted magic ring which I tightened and then didn’t stitch into – makes a rather pleasing shell shape. Stubbly beards were so easy; I cut some dark felt into shape and pressed it against the inside of the boy eggs before stuffing. The most difficult part was making the three wigs. I started off using the same pattern as the eggs for the head-piece, measured the fit regularly, and then switched to a back and forth style for the sections that are meant to ‘flow’. They turned out okay. I’m not completely satisfied though and will post an update when I find a better method.





My friend is organising a mini festival and asked me to contribute some craft items to sell. It’s a tea party event in Hereford on August 27th called Yarkhill Fest and all proceeds are going to cancer charities. As these characters are quite comfortable hanging around in my room, I thought I’d make some generic egg-heads that others might enjoy. If you’d like to make your own egg-head, please see the link here for a great starting point. This Broken Egg Pattern is easily adjusted for shape and size. Get cracking!

Eggs done, I wanted another item to sell: something small, cute and fun which would entice folks to get their money out. I searched through trusty Ravelry and found this selection of genius patterns from the London Stitch and Bitch group: finger tashes!

Oh how I used to suffer from moustache envy but, no more! These super-fast knits are a far better alternative to all that primping (and the hormonal treatments in order to grow facial hair). The pattern is easy enough for a beginner and you can make as many different styles as your imagination will allow.

  • Pick two strongly contrasting colours and cast on 17 stitches in the main colour
  • Knit stockinette for 10 rows
  • Work from the chart using the contrasting colour for the tash
  • Knit 9 more stockinette rows then cast off
  • Join the ends and voilà: instant sophistication!

Spiv, English, Poirot, Regent, Chaplin, Pencil, Walrus, Silver Horseshoe

Hopefully the lovely people of Yarkhill will like them enough to fork out a few pounds for charity.

Ps. if you aren’t going out this weekend, you can find Miranda on the BBC or on YouTube here.