Gold Medals at the Seniors Olympics

The London 2012 Games taught us much about physical endurance, mental strength and the power of human spirit: it started as a race for medals but patriotism was soon overtaken by awe of… Continue reading

Solo Diner: Table for One

There’s a great difference between eating and dining, the latter seemingly reserved for groups and the incurably sociable. I’ve eaten alone when travelling or grabbed something quick while working, but these rare occasions have… Continue reading

Olympic Tattoos

Olympic tattoos are everywhere. The London 2012 Games has seen multiple record holders striving to keep place and plenty of new blood working up through the ranks. With so many athletes fighting to stand… Continue reading

Vegan Challenge: you can make an omelette without breaking eggs

Okay, so maybe an omelette is currently out of the reach of vegans, but there are still a great number of dishes you can whip up. The first recipe on the PETA meal… Continue reading

Vegan Challenge: a day of convenience

Today I’ve been thinking about convenience foods and the availability of quick-fix products to satisfy a vegan appetite. I’ve often heard vegans confronted with the question: so what do you eat?! And yes, the… Continue reading

Struggles of a Wannabe Vegan

To mark my anniversary of being a vegetarian I’m dedicating the next two weeks to eating a vegan diet. I’m hoping to get a taste of how challenging it really is and see… Continue reading